All I Want For Christmas is…

GCHS Christmas Wishlists


Leila Sheffey

A collection of gifts students from GCHS have of their wishlist.

Leila Sheffey, Staff Reporter

Toys. Clothes. Money. All things perfect for the gift-giving season. With it being December, hopefully everyone has an idea of what they are hoping to give and receive for this holiday season! To keep track, I always prepare a wishlist. For me, it usually includes K-pop albums, room decor, or anything that caught my eye this year. This has become a yearly habit for me and I enjoy creating these lists, whether I receive the items or not. This begs the question, what kinds of things other people might put on their lists? Though many people may not know what they want, Rampage talked with Grayslake Central students about what they are asking for this holiday season.

Music is a shared passion for almost every teenager, and gifting an album or merch would be a nice and considerate gift. Senior, Nyah Caldwell, said she has “perfume, gift cards, and vinyls” on her wishlist and would especially want “Taylor Swift vinyls” this year. ​​

​​Senior, Ruen Je, said they are hoping for the Gaomon M1230 drawing tablet. Since Je has a passion for and an incredible drawing talent, gifting them things relating to art would be a very attentive gift. Junior Kate McDonough, said, “When I was a kid I was obsessed with the stars and my parents bought me a telescope that I still use to this day.” Gifts that have ​​meaning behind them and represent who the receiver is always make great gifts that make them feel appreciated.

Clothes and accessories are popular items for any season and would be great to give to people who love fashion! Senior Kyle Bi-anchi, said the number one thing ​​he would want to receive this year are clothes, such as sweat-shirts. Je also said they have “edgy clothes or accessories” on their wishlist. Another popular gift that will satisfy anyone is money. Junior, Kanxin Shi, said money is the priority on her wishlist. According to Amazon’s Best Sellers Christmas category, gift cards are the most popular item bought and gifted during the holidays. When in doubt, money and gift cards are the safest bet. Another popular product, that involves a lot of money to be spent, are Apple or other tech products. Many people have said their favorite gifts ever received were Apple products.

Caldwell agreed and said her favorite was her “MacBook because I use it so much.” Sophomore, Leela Roberts, said, “I got an Apple Watch from my parents last year.” Though pricey, these products are memorable and useful gifts that many people love. But no matter what you gift someone, expensive or not, it’s always the thought that counts and that will always be enough!