Prom Enchants Students

A review of Grayslake Central’s prom, and all students had to look forward to


Kelly Eckhart

A group of seniors pose for a group photo prior to attending Prom.

Isabella Morales, Staff Reporter

Prom is a significant school event for many American high schoolers, especially considering that it’s the last school dance for seniors. Many students see prom as their last chance to make high school memories. Many people want to see prom be as perfect as it can be, especially those in charge. In order for that dream to become a reality, the people behind the scenes setting everything up work very hard for everything to be up to everyone’s collective high standards and expectations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grayslake Central students haven’t been able to have a traditional prom for the past two years. Many students have expressed their excitement at having a “normal” prom once more. Senior Marko Marynevych said that he is “excited for the usual, normal prom, spending time with
everyone, getting dressed up and taking pictures.” Mareynevych is expecting prom to be “a great night of bonding with our classmates for our final years.” Senior Ashley Eckhart had similar expectations for this year’s prom, hoping to “have fun with [her] friends, to dance and eat a nice dinner.”

This year’s theme for prom is Enchanted Forest, and students are very excited to see the decorations and everything once it’s put together. “I really like the theme, it is very exotic and new to me, I cannot wait to see it,” said Eckhart. Math teacher and student council sponsor, Lora Ciferri, revealed that the theme was a decision the student body made through a survey. “Our students submitted several prom themes and then we had student council vote on which theme would be used this year,” said Ciferri.

Moreover, she mentions that prom planners have been planning the event since January, and in order for everything to be perfect, the organization will work till the very last day before prom. Prom decorations will be set up by Ciferri and Jennifer Clesen while students get ready. Students share that getting ready for prom is a long process. Each individual has their own unique way to get ready. “I plan on getting my nails done then doing my hair and makeup and finally putting on a beautiful dress,” says Eckhart. On the other hand, Marynevych focuses on both psychological and physiological needs while getting ready. “First I’ll start off with taking a shower, getting my hair right, and getting mentally prepared to talk to a lot of people,” said Marynevych.

Prom was on May 6th, at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling, IL. Ciferri shares that this location’s reception hall was booked two years in advance. The location was chosen based on “driving distance and room capacity for about five-hundred students.” Riding the school’s coach buses is a requirement to attend,
therefore students needed to be at the school no later than 5:45 pm. Eckhart says she wishes “we didn’t have to take the school bus, I would like to drive there.” Regardless, Eckhart highlights being “really proud of the GCHS crew for doing an amazing job with the organization of the event.”