Grayslake Central Dominates Lacrosse Season

Grayslake Central lacrosse enjoy their season before the end of the year


GCHS Lacrosse aganist Praire Ridge

Anastasia Paev, Staff Reporter

Grayslake Central’s boys lacrosse team has started off their season strong. Head coach Chris Ridella has been coaching lacrosse for 11 years for central. He has many accomplishments, is proud of his players and the program as a whole. So far the team has come out of their first four conference games 4-0, against Lakes, Grant, Wauconda, and Antioch. They are also 10-0 overall, and they preparefor their games by creating a game plan and analyzing film. They also try to focus on taking away scoring opportunities for the other teams. Varsity senior Jaeger Breault explained that while lacrosse takes time away from after school activities he has made many memories. One of them being the spring break trip to Georgia his freshman year. “Getting to bond with all the players was a super fun experience.” Players enjoy the sport because of the experiences and friendships made. The team averages about “14 goals a game with over 70% of our goals off assists, the coach Ridella stated. Their varsity roster consists of four seniors, five juniors, and eight freshmen. So, if you’re an underclassman hoping to play at varsity practice, and build up your skills. With the right skills you can play on varsity no matter age.