Watch for these fashion and beauty trends for 2022

Fashion experts predict the top fashion trends for the upcoming year.


Megan Betke

Daring in Denim: Senior Megan Betke wear denim jean jacket, a common trend in 2022 fashion.

Isabella Morales, Staff Reporter

Going into 2022, new fashion and beauty trends will once again take over pop culture, just as they did in the last year. 2021 had many unique clothing trends such as flair pants, mom jeans, oversized sweatshirts, and crop tops, among many others. Overall, the look for  2021 was an interesting mix of genres and styles. 

The famous monthly fashion  and lifestyle magazine “Vogue”  predicted 2022 fashion trends in  a recent article titled, “12 New  Fashion Ideas From the Pre-Fall  2022 Collections.” Going into 2022  we can expect a continuity of past trends from 2021, such as puffer jackets and fluffs, according to Steff Yotka, the writer of the article. This year will also have tons of new trends, one of which is the return of denim. Yotka  emphasized that “the denim  revival is going strong this  season, with brands like Diesel,  Balenciaga, and R13 blowing up  jeans to new proportions.” For this new year, clothing patterns will likely switch from neutral colors to more vibrant colors, along with the rise of rainbow patterns. Yotka  further explained that “color  theorists have proven that a bright  outfit can actually brighten your  mood.”  

This year’s fashion will also see the return of 1950s style,  bringing back ball skirts and fit flare dresses. “The 10 Key Spring/ Summer 2022 Trends To Know  Now”, written by Vogue’s Ellie Pithers, explains that with the  return of mini-skirts, “It should be  noted that fashion is finally wising  up to the fact that sexy comes in  all shapes, skin tones and sizes.”  This mentality is very important to society nowadays, because of unhealthy beauty standards seen throughout our culture for so long, that are just now beginning to see change. Pithers contradicts these beauty standards though,  by explaining that in modern times everyone has the potential to be anything they want with confidence, and the ability to create a fashionable outfit.  

Finally, Vogue contributor  Tish Weinstock touched on beauty trends in her article  “17 Beauty Trends Set to Be Big in 2022,” where she surveyed experts on beauty trends and their predictions for 2022. The majority of predictions included bleached brows, lip gloss, colored eyeliner, stickers, tattoo transfers,  light blush, and overall a natural and effortless look with pops of bright colors. One of the experts interviewed was Bobbi Brown, an  American professional makeup artist, author, and founder of  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Brown  created ten natural-shade  lipsticks which according to  Vogue “revolutionized the beauty  industry.” Brown’s opinion about this year’s beauty trends is that they should be kept simple and easy, but still look amazing, as well as including some of the individual’s own personality and taste. “I personally care less about  makeup trends and more about  when you look in the mirror two  minutes before you go out and  what you can do in two minutes  to make yourself a bit [better  looking].”  

Overall, we can expect 2022  fashion trends to be very bright,  uplifting, and most importantly easy to style. We can all look forward to seeing people styling rainbow colors in their wardrobe to bring a little joy into their lives,  especially as two of the toughest years of our lives come to an end. The “easy” makeup look is also something to look forward to, because it will be less time-consuming and more natural.  Overall, 2022 fashion trends are effortless, but can still stand out. GCHS students have already begun to make use of some of the beauty and fashionable trends,  and our hallways are becoming more colorful now, filled with individuals embracing their beauty as they should.