You got games on your phone?

What games are GCHS students playing?

Mason Russo, Staff Reporter

Here at GCHS, you will always see a student on their phone. They could be texting, Snapchatting, scrolling on TikTok, or playing games. Rampage wanted to get a closer look at the most popular games among students, and help readers find new games to try.

Jack Traifores, a senior at GCHS said, “my favorite game currently is Geometry Dash; you get really lost in the game and I like how colorful it is and the music in it is catchy. I sometimes play in class when I have free time – time always seems to fly whenever I play.”

Riley Policht, a junior at Central stated, “right now I have been having a lot of fun with the new Rocket League swipe game. I used to play Rocket League on my Xbox a ton and now that it’s on my phone, I can play it whenever and wherever I want. It’s been very fun and super addictive.”

Maddox Berg, a senior at GCHS also mentioned, “Clash Royale has been addictive recently. Everyone started getting back on the game and playing once school started. Now, I am always competing with my friends and can get a little frustrated at times. But with me getting frustrated, it makes me want to play even more. Whenever there’s a short break or we’re in-between worksheets in class, you will definitely catch me playing.”

Based on a student poll, here are the top five games on Grayslake Central’s phones:

  • Clash Royal – Strategize a perfect deck of fighters to use on a small scale arena and destroy towers to earn crowns to win!
  • Retro Bowl – Draft your team, play in the regular season, cut and sign players and try to win the retro bowl!
  • Rocket League Swipe – Car soccer, customize your vehicle to your liking to stand out from the rest, play 1v1, 2v2, and hoops 2v2!
  • Brawl Stars – Level up to pick and upgrade your favorite brawler and play different game modes from gem grab, soccer, and battle royale!
  • Clash of Clans – Form a clan with friends or new players you meet and train troops and attack other clans to gain and store resources to make your army even bigger and better.