Keep warm with these winter holiday drinks

A look into student and teachers’ warm holiday drink habits!



Starbucks Holiday drinks are some of the more popular drinks this holiday season.

Alondra Ortiz, Staff Reporter

During this winter weather, everyone does at least one thing to keep themselves warm. Be it putting on more layers, warm packs, or eating different foods, some of us are drinking hot drinks to keep ourselves warm. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or maybe something else, there are many different preferences, but these are some recommendations. 

No matter if it’s Starbucks, Dunkin’, or any other cafe, literacy teacher Rachel Lesinski likes drinking lots of coffee! Lesinski likes to make most of her coffee and tea at home, though when she does purchase from a cafe, she goes to Starbucks. “When I do purchase [coffee], which is probably three times a week from a place, I always go to Starbucks. Always a Tall Black Pike,” Lesinski said. Though she enjoys tea and lots of coffee, she doesn’t enjoy purchasing from places like Panera and Dunkin’, saying it just doesn’t sit right with her. There was no specific tea included, but Lesinski loves drinking tea at night when it’s cold.

Sophomore Estrella Acosta said that “I enjoy going to Starbucks often and getting the White Chocolate Mocha. It’s likely my favorite coffee to get from Starbucks” Acosta answered. “When it comes to tea, I don’t drink it often, but I’ve heard the Royal English Breakfast Tea is pretty good,” Acosta said. “I’ve tried about three of Starbucks hot chocolate and I’d have to say my favorite is the White Peppermint Hot Chocolate.”  Acosta also mentions she loved Chocolate Abuelita, which is a Mexican hot chocolate that is highly recommended if you like hot cocoa/chocolate. “The way my family prepares it isn’t anything complicated, in fact it’s pretty simple. We like to boil water, then add the chocolate round, some cinnamon, and sugar, and just wait until the chocolate and sugar dissolve. Sometimes we don’t boil water, but instead we use milk. it  tastes good either way” Acosta mentioned.

Though this mostly consisted of Starbucks, there are lots of great recommendations given, along with a family recipe that was nice and simple. “Though I love all of these that I’ve said so far, I still like drinking lemonade refreshers anytime of the year,” Acosta said.