Model UN creates a peaceful stance at school

Model UN changes the world from the classroom.


Jordan Fliegelman, Design Editor

The United Nations is coming to Grayslake Central, but not in the way you’d expect. Model UN is a brand new club with social studies teachers Danielle Wankmuller and Amber Gibbard at the helm. Model UN is a simulation of the actual United Nations, in which students learn and practice about world-changing decisions, diplomacy, and the United Nations. When asked about why Model UN was created at Central, senior Jacob Park said there was a natural demand for it.

“It seems that with debate being very popular, [and] a lot of people not wanting to be confrontational with it, there was some sort of demand for something where people could express views and politics without having to be confrontational and aggressive.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic being a hot topic around the world, Model UN plans to “tackle” issues like this and others we’ve seen in recent years. “Especially with global circumstances becoming so tense like, with Covid, it’s a nice outlet for a lot of people.” Model UN meetings started this school year and competitions are tentatively planned for November. Meetings take place most Mondays according to the competition schedule. Gibbard encourages all junior and underclassmen interested in joining Model UN to stop by her classroom, Room 2335, but there is one important thing to note; currently, the club is on a hiatus until the second semester. However, this does not hinder Model UN’s plans to change the future, starting in the history classroom.