Superfans: Leaders of the bleachers

A Deep Dive into The Life of Being a Superfan Leader.


(Photo Taken by @ThePackRecords)

On Oct.15, Superfans cheer, “Go Rams! Go, Go, Go Rams!”

Isabella Morales and Matthew Menoni

Crowd morale is one of the most important parts of winning a game. Good team morale can be the difference between a rousing victory and a crushing defeat. Superfan leaders help regulate crowd energy and spirit, not only ensuring games are fun but also working to keep GCHS winning. The current Superfan leaders are Chuck Marisca, Ben Berry, and Marko Marynevych.

Not everyone is allowed to be a Superfan leader. The selection process involves being chosen by a graduating Superfan leader. Berry feels lucky to have been selected. “It’s a great tradition and I am happy I was selected as one of the three superfan leaders to help cheer on the Rams,” said Berry.

Superfans cheer on Rams football on October 15, while showing awareness for breast cancer with a “Pink Out” theme. (Photo by @ThePackRecords)

It hasn’t all been fun and games for the Superfan leaders. With their position in the spotlight, it’s only natural for the Superfan leaders to attract some criticism. “Sometimes it can be stressful because everyone in the crowd has a different opinion and if we don’t do something correct there can be mob mentality and we [can] be seen as bad leaders,” said Marynevych.

Berry holds a similar sentiment. “It’s stressful when people don’t listen, or when there […] enough room for everyone but we always figure out away,” said Berry.

On Oct.15, Charlie Marisca (left), Marko Marynevych (center), and Ben Berry (right) show off their pink outfits during the football game for the “Pink Out” theme. (Photo by @ThePackRecords)

The Superfan leaders have some advice for the crowds to help alleviate this stress. Encouraging fans to “come to the games and show up; It’s hard to have
a good time when a lot of people don’t show up,” said Marynevych.

Despite these roadblocks, the superfan leaders still deem this season an overall success. Berry will always remember the “good memories” of winning to go onto playoffs, the first game of the season, and “just overall all games I had fun [at] with my friends.”