Mixtape still going strong

Enjoy music? This is the club for you!

Kassandra Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Mixtape is a club that students join that are interested in music. Mixtape plays a variety of different genres of music during the school day passing periods. Students who join have a chance to share what kind of music they are interested in with other students. Jim Plaza is the sponsor of Mixtape. Joining Mixtape is a good opportunity for students to learn about new genres and artists.

Plaza explained that Mixtape “is a club for students who really like music. Some of our members play instruments, a lot of them don’t, but it’s just a chance for them to share their musical tastes with other people and really just talk about music. So the club is designed just as a chance for people who like music to get together [and] share what they like.”

  Covid-19 has definitely impacted the way we learn this school year and affected many clubs. Since classes and clubs weren’t meeting, newer students aren’t familiar with the music in the halls. With hybrid starting, clubs are trying to figure out how meetings are going to work – including Mixtape. Plaza said, “With the new hybrid schedule, we’re hoping to start meetings here in the next couple of weeks, and more than likely at first, they’re going to be on Zoom, and then kind of see what the schedules of our members look like to see if we can ever meet in person as well, but moving forward, we’re thinking Zoom meetings, probably once a week or once every two weeks.”

  Joining Mixtape is an easy process, and everyone is welcomed to join. Students who are interested in music should definitely join Mixtape and get involved at school. “All students have to do is email me if they’re interested in joining and once we get, you know, people that are interested in joining, we find a date that we meet and then just go from there… just contact me for more information and all that,” said Plaza. 

  If you like music and want to help pick the songs that play during passing periods, email Plaza at jplaza@d127.org and join Mixtape.