Mahomes, Brady scuffle for Super Bowl

NFL Super Bowl LV 2021


Tom Brady used to be with the New England Patriots for 20 seasons before he went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady played in nine Super Bowl games with the Patriots, winning six of them. Photo by Ben Terronez.

Benjamin Terronez, Staff Reporter

Super Bowl LV will take place on Sunday, Feb. 7 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The quarterbacks of this year’s Super Bowl are two names that shouldn’t be scoffed at because for the Kansas City Chiefs, their quarterback is Patrick Mahomes, and for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady returns as quarterback. 

Mahomes is going to be one of the many quarterbacks that have faced off against the legendary Tom Brady, who has been in the Super Bowl many times but has only been beaten by two quarterbacks before: Eli Manning and Nick Foles. 

The list of quarterbacks that have lost to Brady in the Super Bowl comes in at a staggering six. However, Mahomes, while he may be new, he is definitely nobody to turn your nose up to, especially considering that he is ready to face “one of the greatest if not the greatest quarterback of all time,” Mahomes said according to ESPN after his team won their game to get into the Super Bowl.

It’s Mahomes’ 3rd season as a starter and considering his team is going to the Super Bowl against such a big name, the task must seem daunting to him. 

“Mahomes is really early on in his NFL career, and I cannot imagine how much it must scare him facing off against the legendary name of Tom Brady,” said Ashlyn Maiden, 2020 GCHS football team manager. “This Super Bowl will be one that some may find unconventional due to other obvious reasons; however, I think the athletes competing will definitely put up a show to remember,” commented Maiden.

Mahomes and Brady will be a matchup you don’t want to miss by any means. A rookie-esque player versus a veteran Super Bowl quarterback, who both have some insane potential.