College-bound athletes moving forward

Get to know our athletes future moving forward.


Mia Falconi officially signed with CLC to play tennis. Photo provided by Mia Falconi.

Maia AlBarrak, Sports Editor

It is no surprise the effect COVID has had on people’s lives. No more going out, school trips, seeing your friends and family, but what about athletes who were counting the days until their season would finally start but having it be pushed back and back? While most fall athletes were able to have their season without major complications or detrimental announcements, winter and a couple of fall sports are not looking to play this year and are being paused or put on hold depending on their level of risk for athletes. Athletes who are still unsure about their upcoming season are taking this time to better themselves as well as focus on their future moving forward. 

A feeling of sadness and disappointment sparked in senior athletes as their last year and season were placed on hold without a clear understanding of when it will resume.  Wrestler Joey Jens expressed his disappointment when stating, “It was hard to get used to because I was most likely getting ready to be used to the regular seasons that happened in the past, and I was excited for my last year, sports-wise and school-wise. I was hoping that it would just be another normal fun year.”

COVID has not been making it easy for athletes wanting to get recognized by coaches and colleges during their senior season as their season is currently put on hold. Running back Jonas Sjodin shares his perspective stating, “My season has been just pushed straight back to the spring, which has been difficult for me as I’m trying to get a film or trying to get coaches’ attention during the senior season.” 

While this may apply pressure with committing season right around the corner, athletes are taking the time to focus on their mental and physical health while waiting for their season to pick up once again. Jens states his plan moving forward is as simple as “find[ing] practices, stay[ing] in shape and if the season comes, [he’ll] be ready for it, and if it doesn’t, [he will] just get ready for college.”

Some have used the changes to their advantage. Committed tennis athlete to CLC Mia Falconi was at first hesitant about where she should attend for her college education. But with COVID restrictions, she was able to settle that debate. She states, “Considering COVID, I consider where I’m going to be going and how it’s going to work out because I didn’t want to go out of state with COVID still happening. So I stuck with CLC, and they offered me a scholarship, so I decided to go there.”

While the pressure of committing can be daunting, Sjodin explained, “I want to make the correct decision for myself, and I don’t regret it later on. So I always have that weighing on me. So I want to make sure that I’m taking my time and doing what’s best for me.” While Sjodin might face pressure in picking a college, he is not willing to settle.

Even with season cancellations and pressure to commit or find practices nearby. Athletes are not letting anything bring them down and are preparing for whatever obstacle comes their way. Sjodin explained his disappointment while still keeping an optimistic attitude. “I was disappointed, to say the least. But there’s nothing I can really do to control it so I’m just working with what I have to make myself better and put myself up.”

Athletes are also looking at a new chapter with playing in college and further into their future. Jens stated, “I’m excited just to be on a new level competition, which will be a new experience. And just to meet new people and make new friends.

With a positive and enthusiastic mindset, athletes are trying their best to stay motivated and committed to their goals. While practices and gyms are getting more and more difficult for athletes, Falconi suggests “to keep working hard like, and to focus on themselves and not to push limits so much because everything will work out in the end.”