Bowling seasons paused

Girls and boys bowling updates

Angelina Montes, Staff Reporter

Before the IHSA suspended the winter sports seasons on Nov. 17, 2020, both the girls and boys bowling teams were preparing for their seasons. The girls bowling coach, Coach Michael Blasevich, and the boys bowling coach, Coach Bryan Dovichi were excited for this year’s season, as they already had planned on how to address the health and safety challenges that face this year’s bowling season. 

The coaches already spoke with the managers at the home bowling alley to make sure that the bowling alley would do a good job of sanitizing every surface to make sure players stayed safe. 

Coach Blasevich said, “We need to sanitize all surfaces, [and] the bowling alley actually will spray everything.” 

The coaches were working on ways they would conduct their practices. Blasevich said, “We tend to do a lot of hand-on drills [where] girls will work with each other and do different types of techniques… that’s going to have to change this year. We do need to make sure they maintain a six feet distance from each other.” 

In order to keep the players safe, the coaches had to figure different ways for the players to practice to make sure they maintain a six feet distance from one another, like changing drills and ensuring social distancing is observed during practices.

Prior to the season being paused, a member of the boys bowling team, sophomore Jaydin Kante said, I’m happy that we still have this season.” Athletes are struggling with the restrictions of COVID because they just want to get back to their sports, and now with the winter season paused, Kante does not know when he will get to have a bowling season.

Coach Dovichi shared his thoughts that the bowling season would allow students to participate during a time of uncertainty, and it would give them the social connections that are missing for so many. Even before the season pause, Dovichi said, “I know the season is going to look different… But luckily, since we’re at our own alley… I just want kids to be able to do something. If they don’t play in every match, that might happen,… but as long as they get to get out and practice, and just go to the lanes and have fun. It’s going to be worth it for some students.” 

As of Nov, 30, 2020, the winter bowling seasons are still paused.