Books, shows fight boredom

Boredom will come even quicker without assignments from school, and books and shows can provide some entertainment in the summer. 


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Although it’s physically closed, This Old Book’s online book service is a great way to get new books and support a local business.

Hayley Breines, A&E Editor

As we approach summer, school work will no longer be at the forefront of student’s minds while we continue to socially distance. Boredom will come even quicker without assignments from school, and books and shows can provide some entertainment in the summer. 

However, getting new books that aren’t on your shelves already can be difficult. This Old Book in downtown Grayslake is providing a new and cheap way to get books, without you ever having to leave the house. Through their online store, you can pick a genre you like and specify what you’re specifically looking for and they pick out about 5 books for you, all for $25. This is a great way to find new books and support a local business. However, if you’re not sure what you want to read, here’s a list of recommendations. 

Motivation to read and continue reading throughout the summer can be difficult to maintain. Setting a goal, creating a reading challenge on the Goodreads app, or participating in the GCHS summer reading challenge are some options to motivate yourself into summer reading.

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The Westing Game - Wikipedia
The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Photo provided by

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is a short young adult whodunit novel. Set in Milwaukee, a well-known millionaire named Sam Westing has died- and the residents of an apartment complex down the road have to figure out who murdered him. The clues to solving this puzzle are set in his will, and the pair to solve it receives an inheritance of $200 million. This is an Agatha Christie-esque book that is witty, adventurous, and very quick. Clues and mystery are packed inside the book’s mere 271 pages, allowing the reader to get lost within the puzzle. The Westing Game doesn’t waste any time and concludes on a note that makes you go back and reread all of the clues leading up to the grand reveal. Every character and clue is so carefully and meticulously planned, culminating in a fascinating and gripping story,

Ready Player One: A Novel: Cline, Ernest: 8601400490631: Amazon ...
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Photo provided by

Along the adventurous lines, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a completely distracting and binge-worthy read that transports you into a completely different and captivating world. In a world not so far in the future, the world has gone to shambles and the only escape humans have is an incredibly life-like simulation called The Oasis. When the creator of The Oasis dies, he leaves his entire inheritance to the player who is able to find the “easter egg” through a set of clues. The book follows Wade Watts, the first one to crack the first clue, and his adventure through The Oasis against a company vying to get the fortune for themself. This book grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the final word. The incredible world-building provides a getaway from reality and transports you into a life so different from our own. The book is filled to the brim with 80s references and quotes, so stay away if you’re unfamiliar with the era at all. Nevertheless, the retro-futuristic feel is smoothly integrated with a purely dystopian world for a unique read. 

The original Twilight Zone‘s poster with Rod Sterling. Photo provided by

Sometimes reading a whole book can be a daunting task, so watching a show or movie is easier to pass the time. One of the most popular classic TV series of all time is The Twilight Zone. If you’re unfamiliar, the mysterious anthology series hosted by Rod Sterling follows the theme of mind-bending episodes and supernatural, yet mundane occurrences that happen only in the “Twilight Zone”, or the space between reality and fantasy. The 60s classic feel adds a layer of charm to the show, yet maintains the eerie feeling that comes with each episode. After finishing an episode, you’ll continue to think about the ending, trying to unravel each layer of the twist. The episodes are only about 25 minutes, so they’re quick and entertaining classic stories that will stick with you and certainly pass the time.