Home workouts boost overall health

Working out and prioritizing health is a beneficial way to spend time during quarantine. Here are some tips and inspiration from life fitness teachers Jeanna Beerbower and Amber Jones.


Joselind Manzano

These are the effects of working out on our mental and emotional health.

Joselind Manzano, Staff Reporter

Stay-at-home order has been extended until the end of May in Illinois. Since schools are also closed for the year, students don’t have access to the weight room and their regular gym class. Life fitness teachers get creative in providing workout ideas for students.

“Without the weight room, you’re forced to get creative. This means that workouts teachers provide will most likely be bodyweight exercises.” said life fitness teacher Jeanna Beerbower.

 Life fitness teacher Amber Jones has another way of encouraging students to stay active and healthy. She encourages students to do workout challenges and take care of their mental health during the quarantine.



Although some students don’t have a workout routine, Beerbower recommends starting with small goals.

“Don’t make your goals so huge and lofty make them something simple like a 10-minute ab workout. I think you have to start simple and then you can kind of get some momentum after that,” said Beerbower

While for some students who have been staying active, utilizing the internet is helpful in finding inspiration and ideas to make staying healthy and active during quarantine interesting.

“The internet helps a lot with that because there’s so much online right now about ways to work out when everyone’s quarantined,” said Beerbower.



Working out improves physical health as well as mental and emotional health. Participating in eLearning life fitness class could be a start in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while staying at home.

Information from: Dana foundation