Knitting 101: why ‘knot’?

Knitting is a new hobby you can pick up during quarantine

Jordan Fliegelman, Staff Reporter

When it comes to knitting, a common thought is ‘Knitting is for old people, why are you knitting?!’ Yet, the people who ask this have no idea of the joys of knitting! The answer is easy: knitting is enjoyable and relaxing. Another thought that people get when the word knitting comes to mind might be that you are knitting a blanket or scarf with two needles, but that’s just one type of knitting. Yes, there is knitting with needles, but there is also knitting on a loom. It is possible that your project can be made with something found laying around the house.

Better yet, knitting is a way to just pass time during this stay-at-home order. So, let’s get started. If you have zero confidence in knitting, make something simple. Visit for projects that beginners can make on needles, and visit to see loom knitting for beginners. For yarn that is at a reasonable price visit–there might even be a chance that you could pick this up on an essential grocery run! Here are looms to use along with needles that can be purchased at Michaels, which does delivery!

Many skills can be learned during knitting through trial and error. But, if you want to be prepared ahead of time, check to see if any of these skills you would like to work on.

For help with either of the stitches, knitting or project ideas, check out the following links: 

Different type of stitches tutorials (Loom)

Beginner videos (Loom)

Learn to knit on needles tutorials

Beginner videos (needles)