Science Olympiad competes in regionals

The Codebusters team, Geologic Mapping team, and the Designer Genes team placed second in the regionals.

Joselind Manzano, Staff Reporter

   On Saturday March 7, the Science Olympiad went to CLC to compete for regionals. The Codebusters team, Geologic Mapping team, and the Designer Genes team took second place in the event. The overall Science Olympiad team was nine points away from going to state. 

   “We all really wanted to go to state and have had a love-hate relationship with regionals for years now. We are typically the cut off team, where we don’t make it to state but are in the position where it’s so close you can almost taste it.” said Bianca Dayola, one of the captains of the Science Olympiad team. 

   Although the members faced a lot of challenges throughout the year, from figuring out how to get their rockets to not hit the ceiling to figuring out how to differentiate between bird calls, “the team came together to develop creative solutions to these problems,” said Science Olympiad sponsor Joey Philipp. 

   The Science Olympiad team prepares for their competitions by practicing on various days under the supervision of  science teachers Joey Philipp and Richard Stark alongside their captains Ian Culhane, Adeline Evans, and Bianca Dayola. Monday meetings are dedicated for everyone in the Science Olympiad team to check in and collaborate with one another. Other days are designed for the students to focus on the events they will be in. 

   Students who are interested to join the Science Olympiad team can contact the sponsor and express their interest. Joining the Science Olympiad team is a commitment. Time management and dedication are key to a successful time in the team. 

   “Balancing homework and other activities with the Science Olympiad is a large challenge I have faced throughout all four years of being in Science Olympiad. The trouble is, while I enjoy every event I’m in, I have to prioritize my homework over club work because of GPA and etc. I am also in other school clubs and activities, so finding the right balance between Science Olympiad, other clubs, and my homework whilst not trying to burn myself out is pretty tough honestly.” said Dayola.

   This being her last year, Captain Dayola emphasizes that she will miss the competition and time she has spent with all her friends in the team.

   “I’ve met a lot of wacky, crazy, intelligent, fun individuals that I’ve become close to and have made so many jokes with. They’re so many super kind people that create a very accepting atmosphere that most anyone can be comfortable in,” said Dayola.