Top ten ways to stay entertained while in quarantine

Here are 10 activities to do while social distancing!


Staff reporter Maia AlBarrak enjoys her favorite book while waiting for her clay mask to dry.

Maia AlBarrak, Staff Reporter

You may ask, “How can one ever have fun while social distancing?” Well, here are ten things you can do while trying to endure the stay-at-home order during the coronavirus pandemic! 

Go on TikTok: Everyone knows TikTok and, if you somehow don’t, TikTok is a social media platform where different creators all over the world make fun and creative content for all. If you download it, you will never be bored ever again; you won’t even realize you’re in quarantine. With TikTok, you can learn new dances that will take you about 1-2 hours to learn, give or take. For those who are sadly not born with dancing genes, there are also many trends that will tempt you to recreate.

Try drawing: One of the most relaxing things to do during these stressful times is to draw. So go and grab those coloring pencils that you haven’t used since elementary school and create a masterpiece out of bland paper. You will not only create a beautiful piece of artwork, that may or may not see the light of day, but you will also feel the stress and overwhelming thoughts fade away. 

Spa day: During these times, you have to make sure to take care of yourself, not only physically, but mentally. Have a day just to yourself. Get your favorite face mask and if you don’t have one, you can make your own at home with three simple ingredients you can find at home: avocado, cocoa powder, and honey. First, you take one-quarter of the avocado, then add in one tablespoon of cocoa powder and honey, leave to dry for 10 minutes. With your facemask applied, put on your favorite movie or tv show, or even read a book, and enjoy the facemask while you eat your favorite snack.

Going for a walk: Even though you’re social distancing, that does not mean you cannot have a walk around the block or go for a drive. You can do these things, but make sure to stay at least six feet away from others and do not hang out in big groups. Having a few walks here and there can help you be more active, especially now that all the gyms are temporarily closed. And we all know being stuck at home with food and our comfy beds that we rarely ever leave is not helping us get that summer body. 

Try baking: Learning how to bake isn’t that hard, right? Well, we have more than enough time to figure that out. Try your hand at baking without setting your house on fire. You can also try it with your sibling or your parents. For a little more fun you can try and make it a baking competition, this will definitely help you pass the time and you will also have a nice treat to enjoy.

Befriend your sibling: For the people with siblings, it is time for a moment no one thought would come. It is time to join hands and come to love each other, or at least for the duration of shelter in place. Everyone is bored out of their minds, and some don’t even have siblings to fight with or annoy, how sad! So instead of locking yourself in your room, try and talk to your sibling and maybe even spend time with them. Trust me, after this is over, you have my full consent to continue to annoy them. 

Finish eLearning work: This might be one of the hardest things on this list, but have you tried doing your eLearning work on time? For some, even if they reach a point of insanity, they will never turn to the 26 assignments that are due. Instead, they will complain and watch Netflix until they fall asleep. Being personally guilty of this, let’s put our foot down and change ourselves for the better. So instead of taking your 6th nap of the day, try and finish those assignments to learn.

Connect with friends: Even though we can’t hang out with friends, we can connect virtually. You can use your phones or computers to make video calls with your friends. You can talk about the things you have been doing or you can dream about simpler times where you could go outside without the risk of going to a hospital. If your friend is asking you for things to do during the quarantine, don’t be afraid to suggest any of these tips to them. 

Reorganize your room: Are you still looking for something to do? This is the perfect time to reorganize your room and closet, there is no excuse now. Instead of smashing everything in your closet or under your bed,  you can actually clean your room. This is the perfect time to disinfect your whole room, while also giving it a much-needed organization. You can also make new changes to your room, like redecorating. 

There is always Netflix: When all else fails, you can do what you have been doing for the past three weeks, watching Netflix till 3 a.m. and eating when you get tired of watching. Don’t feel bad; everyone is in the same boat. Maybe this time, try watching with a family member–who knows, this could be your new favorite way to spend time together!