‘Tis the season to study for finals

Get ready for the upcoming 2019 finals


Photo by Clarissa Sison

Incorporate some brain foods into your sweets this holiday season.

Nichole Trudeau, Staff Reporter

In the spirit of 2019 finals, here are some tips on how to maintain and keep up to date on your overall well-being during finals. Improve your mental, emotional, and physical health deliberately by making the time to put yourself first and to prioritize your studying.

Make sure to take action and be effective on your finals regime. Find out what you should add into your daily schedule during the week of finals to stay on top of studying without the added stress.

Senior Lindzi Stur explains her finals preparation that sets her up for success. “I usually start about two weeks in advance, and I go through the papers and packets that I have from each class. I go through and see what I got wrong, and I’ll review that. If I need help, I’ll go ask my teacher to help me review.”

To start preparing for finals, use these three steps to set up your days for success too.

Wake up in the morning, well-rested, with a clear, alert conscious.

Set a few realistic goals to achieve throughout the day by making a game plan. Figure out how you want to tackle studying, sleeping, or eating.

Focus on the big things. Set priorities such as what finals are the most important or what you need the most help doing.

Some may think cramming is going to help them improve their test scores, but cramming will just make you feel overwhelmed and not retain as much information as you were hoping to achieve. Break up studying throughout the day. For example, set mini timers and study for increments of thirty minutes or so then take a five minute break.

Kate Oldenburg, Central’s Student Assistance Program Coordinator, explains that “Sometimes students forget to do the basics, like sleep, and they forget to make sure they are eating enough throughout the day, and just managing their time in a way that’s going to be helpful.”

Therefore, do the basics during finals! Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. This means not staying up late studying since sleep is beneficial. If you stay up late studying, you will be tired for your final and your brain will not be ready for a long test, essay, or presentation.

Health teacher Jeanna Beerbower said, “Getting enough sleep and eating the right foods can allow people to focus better, which for students, can help them learn more and retain information at a higher rate.”

Now, you will be glad to hear that coffee actually helps your brain to wake up. Coffee is considered a brain food. Coffee is a stimulant, which allows the body and brain to “wake up.” Coffee also blocks the chemicals that can make a person sleepy. It increases alertness and boosts neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which improves your mood.

“If you can eat foods that will help you retain information and allow your memory to increase, why not eat brain food. I think this is vital for young people who have intense workloads, along with state tests, like the SAT.” said Beerbower.

In case you are struggling to find a good study atmosphere, let me introduce Snack and Study. Snack and Study will be taking place Dec. 16 and Dec. 17 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m., a two day event for all students to attend and study for finals.

“Ram Central Station will provide free Hot Chocolate and Cookies. The cafeteria tables and chairs will be out for students to form study groups or independently study. Teachers are signing up for times to come so students can plan to work on specific topics. We have student interns that work in Ram Central Station who are helping create the event. Tri-M will also be helping out by performing in the annex to create a coffee house feel”, said activities director Dianna Repp.