Safety tips help drivers during the winter

Tips for drivers in the harsh winter months

Malleigh Powers, Staff Reporter

During the winter months, people need to make sure they’re prepared, especially as a young driver. Students need to make sure that they know what to keep in their car, as well as tips on how to stay safe while driving. Driving instructor Bethany Martin explains that the best piece of advice she has for winter driving is to “never think that you know everything… just make sure we take the advice that we teach to the students.”

Prepare the Car

  1. If your car has it, make sure your four wheel drive is 1. working properly and that you know how to use it.
  2. If possible, put winter tires on your car and make sure your tires are full.
  3. Try to keep at least a half tank of gas in your car at all times, if not a quarter will do. 4.
  4. Keep the following items in your car in case of emergency: coats, gloves, blankets, hats, snacks, water, a snow scraper, a shovel, and salt.

While Driving

  1. Keep extra distance from the cars around you.
  2. If crashing is inevitable, plan a safe crash point, instead of hitting another car.
  3. Do not use cruise control during winter because of varied road conditions.
  4. Do not use your phone, but keep it within reach, in case of an accident.
  5. If you begin to fishtail, don’t fret! Give the car a little gas and steer in the opposite direction to straighten the car.