New Club Established for Women

A new club has been established to empower women. They meet every Friday to talk about specific topics.

Isaiah Mendez, Design Editor

A new club has been founded to empower women. The sponsors, counselor Genesis Casillas and counselor Mary Przanowski, had this group in their minds for a while, but junior Danae Smith discussed establishing a group and brought the idea into motion. Every meeting, they congregate and share stories that make them not only more integrated but also creates a friendly environment. Upon visiting the group, it was clear of how connected the students were, and these exercises clearly show a partnership between members. 

Przanowski found students with “incredible stories to tell, incredible leadership skills, but needed a place to show them and shine all their gifts,” and wanted to incorporate them into the group. 

“This is a group of women that we want to help develop their skills and potentially move into leadership positions in our building,” says Przanowski.

The newly established club meets every Friday to go through various topics such as diversity, leadership requirements, and personal experiences that are accompanied with food. 

The sponsors started with a group of women to test student interest and want to make it grow into something more effective next semester.

“Their goals for the future were to increase connectedness between the students, and students with staff,” according to Casillas.  She and Przanowski want to expand this group to other genders and races.

“I think this group can make a real positive change. I feel like we could persuade a lot of people to understand us from our point of view instead of them just judging us from our outside [selves],” says Smith.

The group meets every Friday, so contact Casillas at, or Przanowski at for more information.