Senior juggle work, school, social lives

Seniors give advice about being a student and being in the workforce.


Tristan Gottstein & Alexan Larson, Staff reporters


Many high school students have jobs. Having these jobs teaches students to manage their time and affords them the chance to make money for spending and life after high school. If you are wondering whether or not you should get a job, you should listen to these seniors for advice.




Max Gambony


Lexi Hood


Zach Genc

Where do you work, and how long have you been working there?

“[I work at] Serra Laser Precision in Libertyville. I have been there now for 4 months.”

“I work at the Great Wolf Lodge as a lifeguard.”

“I’ve been working at Jewel for a little over a year “

How was your transition from being a student to a working student?

“To be honest, it has been really easy. Because I am an intern through Tech Campus, I only started off working 8 hours a week…now I work Monday- Thursday, 4-10.”

“My transition from being a student to having a job wasn’t hard because I only work one day a week.”

“Being a student and a school athlete on the track team, it is sometimes hard to manage the time between time for track, school, and getting hours in for work, and stuff like homework.”

How do you manage your time to do school work?

“I get most of my school work done in class or when I get home. It’s fairly easy to manage a paper between school, work, and my free time.”

“It’s not hard for me to manage school and work because I work one [morning] shift a week on Sundays, so I still have the night to get homework done.”

“I usually do my homework during study hall. If not, I do it in any free time during class.”

How do you findtime to hang out with friends?

“[Everyone at the company]…[has] Friday-Sunday off. Most people don’t do anything.. until the weekend, so it works out.”

“I still have a bunch of time to hang with friends, since a lot of my friends are in track with me, and I spend my Saturdays with friends [too].”

“I made it so I don’t work Saturdays… so I can hangout with my friends.“

Do you think other students should get jobs?

“I would stay away from getting a job while in high school for as long as possible. Enjoy everything before real life hits you and take full advantage of that.”

“Only get a job if you need money because working is not fun, but it is nice having spending money.”

“It really depends on… how eager you are to make money.”