Senioritis poisons students

Have you been affected yet?

Kimberly Tores, Staff reporter

I’m tired, I’m absent, I’m stressed, and my emotions are everywhere. I have what you call senioritis. I, along with other seniors in high school, are going through this so called disorder.

Some can say senioritis isn’t a real thing, and it’s just an excuse for students to be lazy and not do their work, but I believe students really do suffer from senioritis because I know this affects me. In fact, it hit me when I began my senior year of high school.

I’m a senior at GCHS, and yes, senioritis is out there. I began to ditch a lot and started to care less for school. My grades went down, and it was hard for me to get them back up because when I’d finally show up to school, I’d always be so behind.

Then, I began to not do my homework and not care for school as much. School was at the least of my worries. Then my grades slipped, and my test scores were low, and then I rarely showed up to school because I still didn’t care.

It’s crazy to say that this all really happened to me. This is was senioritis is, and yes, student’s really go through this, whether it’s for personal reasons or for no reason. It really does happen.

I was never the best student or the smartest in school, but I can honestly say I was never the worst until senioritis hit. Like any other student, I always tried and would put an effort into my education.

Senior–graduation is in May. Around this time, we, as seniors, begin to give up in school and start to worry about “bigger” things like the what colleges to go to, the summer, and working. It’s senior year. It’s no kidding when they say to watch out for senioritis, but it’s supposed to be the best year of them all.

Second semester is the final stretch. Just like every other senior at school, we’re counting down the days until graduation to begin our new lives. Let’s not let senioritis stop us. Let’s finish strong.