Lack of cleanliness bothers students

Bringing attention to the school bathrooms


Kimberly Torres , staff reporter

Ask any student about the bathrooms at GCHS and you will hear about many less than pleasant thing.  

“Sometimes the door doesn’t lock [and] sometimes there’s no soap…we should do something about making [the bathrooms] better because they definitely need work” said senior, Dariyah Davis.

As many students might know, the bathrooms that are used today are the ones that were built 70 years ago. However, at GCHS, some bathrooms lack freshness. Cleanliness is a big part of the maintenance in restrooms. Factors to keeping bathrooms clean and usable require maintaining the toilets, floors, and supplies needed like toilet paper, paper towels, working stalls, and the scent.

“The ones that immediately come to my head as less clean are some of the oldest [bathrooms] that we have in the school, the ones that were originally built in 1947” said Mr. Landry, the school principal.

It’s difficult to make sure that everything is pristine, sweet smelling, and fresh all the time. They are hard to keep clean knowing that hundreds of students are using them so frequently. However, there are still little adjustments that can be made to improve them.

“Hiring more people on staff, maybe overnight, would help for sure..I don’t think it needs to be remodeled, just maintained. Maintaining everything and [checking] things on a regular basis maybe once a month to make sure everything’s working properly” said Mrs. Hay, school gym teacher.

Since there are many aspects of the school that need to be maintained and cared for, sometimes the bathrooms are considered as less important than educational needs.

“When it comes time to spend the actual money, choices have to be made. Construction space is very important. The classrooms [are] where I’ll allocate the money” said Mr. Landry.

Maintaining the school bathrooms can’t be done unless we all put our part into helping out. Students should make sure their garbage is thrown away where it’s supposed to and treating the school with respect. With everyone helping out, there’s a greater chance of having the bathrooms in better use and also other areas within the school.

“There can also be responsibility in some of the students trying to keep the bathrooms clean by throwing stuff in the garbage and not just leaving their garbage on the benches or when they’re in the toilet area to actually put the paper in the garbage” said Mrs. Hay.