Athletes sprint to success in track and field season

The behind the scenes of track and field and the athletes point of view.

Kayla Flores, Staff reporter

As the boys and girls track winter seasons start up, conditioning gives these athletes a rush of adrenaline to officially prepare for their spring season.


With every sport at GCHS, the athletes that are involved always take pride and joy while they are doing the activity. Some students express what track means them and what it provides.


Track is more than a sport to students; additionally, students learn from it. Maximus Martinez, a senior who has been on the track team here at GCHS for four years and two years prior to high school, said he learns “teamwork [and] leadership. [Track teaches] me to work hard towards my goals, [and] don’t give up until [I’ve} reached the finish line.”


Furthermore, Martinez is not the only student who feels this way about track. Senior, Emma Clapp, said “Track [teaches] me how to be confident in myself and how to appreciate my friends.” Clapp also appreciates track for “having a team atmosphere.”


Track is something that anyone can do. According to Martinez, “there’s something for everybody.”


Although track is a sport that anyone can join, there are some difficulties that some athletes face.


“Running is definitely a mental challenge because although it is physically demanding, it really is all about how you are feeling and how confident you are…it can be a struggle…if you are not in it, you are not going to have a good race.” said Clapp.


Track does involve practices throughout the season to allow the students to prepare for their meets. Clapp explained that “our practices typically during the week look like a mixture of long runs and repeat workouts..and [we] work with speed.”


Students may think that track is mostly about running, while it is about running it’s more of a sport that involves everyone in a special way to push them pass their limits.