Dance team success during the season

Kaitlyn Yadao, Staff Reporter

Dance teams’ trophies displayed near the field house.
                                                      Photo by Kaitlyn Yadao













Grayslake Central High School’s varsity and jv dance teams’ 2018-2019 season is the best season that the girls and their coaches have seen.

This has definitely been our best season yet,” said senior, Nicole Morello.

In her first year coaching, Daniela Ziegler is the varsity dance coach and coaching junior varsity is Francesca Bevente. While Bevente has been coaching for three years now, this year especially, the dance team has worked hard and committed so much of their time.

“We got a new coach this year, and she’s very dedicated to not only helping us improve but wants to continue to grow the program into something great,” said Morello.

Morello has been on the dance team for all four years of high school, being on the varsity team since her sophomore year. After high school, she doesn’t think she’ll continue dancing competitively, but she still wants to be involved with dance.

“Throughout the whole summer, we would practice for three hours, three days a week. During our season, which is August to [the] end of February, we practice for three hours, three days a week as well. We also go to every football game, girls and boys basketball, and all of our competitions,” said Morello.

With practices, going to sporting events, and competitions being a part of the dance team takes up a lot of the student athletes time that they have to quickly learn how to manage their time well.

JV coach, Francesca Bevente said that “this season has by far been the best. I’m so proud of my girls. They took the most challenging… dance that they ever have to competition and definitely had some really good successes this season.”