GCHS students struggle to parallel park

Kimberly Torres, Staffer

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GCHS parking is out of control. Some students have their own parking spots or park at the two-dollar lot, but the problem comes with the parallel parking in the back of the school.

“People like to park too close to me and that doesn’t give me enough space to get out,” said senior, Angie Nunez.

Many problems have been brought to attention regarding students and their inability to parallel park the correct way. The school is limited with their amount of parking; some students don’t get a chance to have their own parking spots, leaving them to park somewhere else.

“We don’t have enough parking each year. Mr. Kougias, who handles the parking at GCHS, has a waiting list of 50 to 75 kids who really want spots. I would love to have more,” said associate principal Michael Przybylski.

Most students show up late to school and don’t get a chance to park where they desire in the public parking lots.

“I never find parking because I always show up late, and I can’t park [in the back] anymore,” said Nunez.

The school unfortunately is left with no choice but to ignore this issue because the two-dollar lot and the parallel parking spots are not owned by the school.

“Because that’s not our land area, I can’t say a word about it. Because once I say a word about it, then it’s like school is sanctioning it,” said Przybylski.

This problem should be taken into consideration by the school because it’s an issue that many students deal with everyday. I constantly see cars being forced into tight spaces and big gapes being left in between cars. We need to park good to not make it difficult on other students and ourselves because this is an issue that should be spoken about among our the community of Grayslake that students need to park correctly.


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