Girls golf drives towards success

Mitchell Fuller, Staff Reporter

The Grayslake girls golf team, a mix between students from both Grayslake schools, finished 3rd in in the NLCC conference. Grayslake was without one of their top golfers, sophomore Ella Jensen, who missed the year with a knee injury. That didn’t stop any girls from stepping up to the tee.

The Grayslake team is coached by North teacher, Scott Ewen, and assistant Brett Kay, from Grayslake Central.

Prior to the season, the golf team was hoping for a NLCC championship, but due to injuries, those hopes dwindled. Regardless, the expectation was to still compete.

“We competed for second place, at least all the way to the end of the conference tournament. So yeah, I mean, it didn’t go our way, but we still had a legit shot going into the back nine of the conference tournament” said Coach Kay

The girls JV team won the NLCC conference for the second year in a row, finishing with all 7 girls finishing inside top 10. Varsity clinched third place with low scores by Morgan Atwell, Janie Schulz, and Bethany Cardenas, finishing 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

Outside of the stress of matches, everyone agreed that where the team thrived was when they were working together and the amusement they brought to practice. 

“Our camaraderie, the humor that we made every day, we try to truly make each other laugh and make sure we have a good day because a big part of golf is the mental side of golf” said junior Anne Robins.

“Working together and really just practicing all here together just helps the team,” said sophomore, Ella Jensen.

As the season quickly progressed, many of the girls grew in their skills on the course and off it.

“I want them to learn [work ethic] through the game of golf. So coming to practice with a plan of what they want to work on can directly be related to a future goal of theirs” said Kay.

“I would like to thank those seniors for the time they put in and the commitment that they gave to us,” said Kay.