GCHS Singing at District

Madelaine Steffen, Feature Editor

Imagine balancing school and homework, college, your social life, extracurriculars, and being in a mastery level choir. Sounds like choosing to lead a stressful life, right?

Well, to many high school Students, including four at GCHS, it’s a mighty honor.  

District Choir is a select choir for skilled vocalists across the Chicagoland area who can translate sheet music to sound on the spot, and otherwise are exceptional singers.

This year, the GCHS representatives in District Choir are Seniors Emmah Pirie, Jake Gately, and Andrew Gatchell, and Junior Jennica Sajor. The four are phenomenal performers, and take great pride in their craft, as does the GCHS Choir director, Mr. Gutierrez.

This year is Mr. Gutierrez’s first year directing Choir at Grayslake Central. Music has always been a valued element of his life, and teaching kids in choir is something that he was destined to do, and does with significant precision.

It blows my mind every single day that I get to come and work with choir students specifically that are so dedicated and talented, that recognize their talent, but that also work hard and don’t get to their heads. They really want to do well, they want to perform well. And I think I’m meeting them at that level to sort of support what they already want to do with their music education.” Said Gutierrez.

One of the students who was accepted into District Choir this year, is Senior Emmah Pirie.

Pirie has been accepted into District Choir for the last three years, and started choir in third grade.

“I wanna pursue music in the future, and I really love choir…  I’ve been singing since I was a tiny child. My mom’s a singer, so she’d been putting music in my life for as long as I can remember.” Said Pirie.

Similarly, Junior Jennica Sajor is in her second year of being a part of District Choir, but has been singing since she could form words. She believes that her life without music would “B-Flat”.

“I decided to audition for District Choir to prove to myself that I truly am a capable musician. As an individual who constantly doubts her abilities, it’s important for me to develop more trust in myself as I conquer my fears.” Said Sajor.

All four of the chosen vocalists from GCHS definitely deserve their position, and have the faith of Mr. Gutierrez behind them for their performance on November 10th in Winnetka.