Letters to the Editor

Rampage welcomes letters to the editor from students, faculty and staff, administrators, community residents and the general public. Letters should be 300 words or less, contain the author’s name and phone number, and be sent to GrayslakeCentralRampage@gmail.com. Rampage will withhold the writer’s name upon request only if circumstances warrant its absence, and only at the discretion of the editorial board.

The Rampage editorial board reserves the right to withhold a letter and return it to the author for re-submission if it determines the piece is too long or contains errors in fact, excessive grammatical errors, or items of unprotected speech (see Law of the Student Press for specific legal definitions for libel, obscenity and invasion of privacy). Facts will be checked for verification, but will not be edited for punctuation, grammar and usage. Opinions expressed in a letter to the editor do not represent the opinions of the Rampage staff, the adviser, other faculty, the administration, the School Board, or advertisers.

Deadlines for letters will be no later than two weeks before the next publication date. All letters meeting the above criteria will be posted in full on the Rampage website at rampage.d127.org for a minimum of four weeks. The editorial board may also select items to be printed in full or in part for its monthly issue, as space permits.

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Letters to the Editor