Senior One Acts perform mini plays

Senior One Acts are a way for seniors to direct plays and be independent as a way to say farewell to Encore!


Skye Canete

Senior Producers Caden Moe, Joshua Auskalnis, Colby Staral (Top Row), Skye Canete, Makayla Steinberg, Liu Arnold (Bottom Row) gathered for a picture before the One Acts shows that took place on May 8. They took this picture in front of the Encore! bulletin board as a way to remember their final show.

Faith Romberger, Staff Reporter

Many seniors throughout the years have been involved with Encore!, and the Senior One Acts are a way for seniors to direct plays and be independent as a way to say farewell to Encore! Some of the seniors have been in Encore! since freshman year. For many seniors, Senior One Acts is a really special event for them according to Encore! Director Maureen Ritter. Seniors and underclassmen worked very hard to make their plays come to life and give the audience a good laugh and smile on May 7 and May 8.

As Ritter stated, “I like it because it gives them a sense of like, here’s how the whole process works and they can see how much they’ve learned about theatre by their ability to teach underclassmen about theatre, and it’s a nice way for them to kind of leave one last mark on a program that for most of them has been a really big part of their high school experience, so I think that’s what makes it as special as it is for them.”

Senior One Acts are mini-plays that are chosen and directed by the seniors. The Senior One Acts this year were Murder Most Foul directed by Joshua Auskalnis & Makayla Steinberg, First Impressions directed by Liu Arnold & Skye Canete, This Seat’s Taken directed by Caden Moe, and Accused of Comedy directed by Colby Staral.  

Seniors then “make [the show] come to life with their actors and crew,” according to Ritter.

Most of the shows are comedies. Senior director Staral chose a comedy because he wanted to give the audience something that they could have a good laugh at since the pandemic has brought some changes and challenges this past year. 

Senior Colby Staral explained, “My favorite part about directing is probably working with the cast. I’ve never directed before, so it’s pretty interesting you’re working with actors for the first time. I’ve acted before but it’s really different, like giving directions and kind of guiding the show.”

When it comes to memories and reflecting back on Encore! In addition to Senior One Acts, Staral expressed, “My best memory at Encore! is probably going to state for our group interpretation play in 2019 on my sophomore year.”