Encore! looks at what’s next

Senior-directed one-acts coming soon


At the Theory of Relativity premiere, Encore! had a prom-style photoshoot. Here are the seniors from the cast. From left to right: Mikayla Blum, Caden Moe, Larina Pelletier, and Tori Whaples. Photo provided by Caden Moe

Jadon Sanchez, Staff Reporter

After the Theory of Relativity production in March, Encore! has some plans for what’s next. Maureen Ritter, director of Encore, shares the big event to end the year: senior-directed one-acts, which are May 7 and May 8.

Ritter says, “The senior-directed one-acts are a series of short plays that are put together by senior thespians. They take over all directing responsibilities, and underclassmen are the actors and technicians who make the shows happen.” One-acts give an opportunity for seniors to take their ideas and their skills to create something that they can call their own and for them to get creative and have their ideas become something real. 

Encore! has changed a lot of GCHS students’ lives in a positive way. Students are experiencing a new side of themselves through theater. Seniors Victoria Whaples and Larina Pelletier give us the opportunity to hear their experience. Whaples is pursuing theater after she graduates and is a full-time dancer. Whaples said, “Encore! has impacted my high school experience a lot. It made me excited to go to school just so I could go to rehearsal afterward. I’ve done theater my whole life, but the community that Encore! introduced me to is so special to me and I can’t believe this was my last year with my Encore! family.” 

Pelletier said, “I do not plan on pursuing theatre after high school, I plan on studying TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), but the teamwork and commitment skills I have gained from Encore! have already proven to help me in my post-high school endeavors!” Even though she isn’t pursuing theater after high school, she has gained those teamwork and commitment skills from Encore! to help her in the future. 

Overall, Encore! creates an environment where everyone can have fun and do something they love. 

Pelletier said, “I cannot tell you how many people in Encore! have found life-long friendships amongst cast and crew mates, and how much theatre equips people to just be better in any skill set- empathy, hands-on building, and leadership skills to name a few. Encore! is a welcoming, fun, and free group of people. It’s not just about theatre or putting on a show- it’s about the people making it happen.”