Hundley wins fifth in state

Craig Hundley takes 5th in cross country state finals.


Photo provided by Craig Hundley

Craig Hundley smiles at the cross country state final banner.

Jakob Killian, Sports Editor

Craig Hundley, a senior cross country runner, finishes his final high school season by placing 5th in the IHSA State Cross Country Tournament.

“It feels pretty good, all the hard work I’ve been doing with my team and coaches. [It] feels like it’s finally paid off,” states Hundley.

Hundley states that the biggest obstacle was his lack of care for the sport in the past. When he was younger and starting cross country, he didn’t find interest, but over time, he developed a lot of love for it.

“Last year was rough, I didn’t go to state, we got out at sectionals. It was a rough year but a big change.”

The state meet took place on Saturday Nov. 9 with a full distance of three miles in Peoria, Illinois.

“Right when I finished I just thought ‘thank god it’s over’ like all the years of hard work, I could finally just take a break, but it felt great,” explains Hundley. “A lot of things ran through my head because I realized my career is over in high school, [but] it felt good to go out on a high note.”