Students perform at PSP annual Talent Show

Talent show brings remarkable experiences at GCHS by showcasing their talents.

Kaylee Flores, Staff Reporter

The annual Talent Show was held on on Jan. 18 at Grayslake Central High School by PSP, a student leadership class that does many events. The Talent Show  is a highly-anticipated event where students audition and showcase their talents from singing to dancing to comedy to a usually packed audience in the theater.

PSP took a lot of time planning the Talent Show, giving students many different jobs like hostess, stage manager, and directors to make the show successful.

“We made all the banners and I was in charge of the twitter, so I had to tweet every single day…we had to memorize and write all the introductions…all of that. In total probably took us at least two weeks” said senior, Elizabeth Bien.

Mary-Elizabeth Kovalcheck is a senior that is in PSP and she was involved in the Talent Show. She was one of the many students that helped put it together.

“As a stage manager, my job was to make sure that everything was in the right place both on and back stage…I was in charge of keeping everything organized and set up correctly,” said, Kovalcheck.

The Talent Show is a way for ambitious students to show others what they like to do. It’s a creative outlet for students to perform their passions.

“I think it’s a really cool experience…the other talents that we had, they don’t really get a chance to display them other than the talent show…so I think it’s really cool to show off that we have such a wide variety of talents at this school” said Bien.

Every year, PSP goes through an extensive process to find and select students to participate in the Talent Show. Students are allowed to audition in front of the sponsor, Dustin Chierico, and other directors, who are PSP members.

“There are three days of auditions…we made GCHS top talent auditions posters with the tinyurl on them…directors would ask you a couple questions..a week after the last day of auditions we posted whoever made it in” said Bien.

With a large audience,  not only were the PSP students honored to be a part of the show, but the participating students made it a very memorable event for everyone.

“I had a good experience with running the talent show. It was inspiring watching all of the acts come together from their first rehearsal, to the day of the show” said Kovalcheck.

Partaking in events really proves that hard work pays off and the results can be inspiring to others.

“Being apart of the talent show made me realize how much hard work it takes to pull off such an amazing production that showcased how much talent this school had” said Kovalcheck.

As seniors at Grayslake Central, Jared Mejia was one of the dancers that performed at the talent show with Uriel Alonzo and Josh Barron. They wanted to participate during their last year here.

“Everyone seem to be trying very hard this year, trying to make it a great milestone” said Mejia.

The Talent Show is a way for students to be proud of themselves and showcase how much talent there is at Grayslake Central High School.

“It’s a very uplifting experience kind of for everyone…makes them feel good about themselves and reminds them that everyone is good at something” said Bien.