Bowling team strikes at state

Miles Pletcher competes at state.

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Bowling team strikes at state

Jake Killian, Staff Reporter

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For years, Grayslake Central was absent at the IHSA state boys bowling competition. That all changed season as Miles Pletcher was the first student in Grayslake Central history to bowl his way to state and place 106th in state. The girls bowling team is also making their way into postseason competition by heading to sectionals on Saturday, Feb. 9 in Carterville.

“It felt great to make it to state,” said varsity bowler and junior, Miles Pletcher. “I did not expect to make it.”

In a winning season, the varsity Rams struck a 9-5 record against schools much bigger than Grayslake Central.

“I think this year we had the best chemistry we’ve had in the last four years,” says Brian Dovichi, boys bowling coach. “Bowling season went really well. I think our team could have done much better; however, we did overcome a lot of obstacles.”

The players also agree with the opinion of coach Dovichi.

“[The season] went pretty well.” said varsity junior, Miles Pletcher, “but .. we flamed out a little bit towards the end of the season.”

However, players enjoy the sport for more than just the skill that it involves.

“The kids enjoy the sport a lot, which then builds this atmosphere that it’s a fun sport,” says Dovichi.

The girls bowling team also feels success near the end of their season. Michael Blasevich, girls bowling coach, says that their “bowling season went really well. We ended up third in the conference.”

Varsity’s final record was 9-2. Not only is a winning season what the girls bowling team wants, but they also want an enjoyable season.

“We all get along. We all have fun at the practice,” says Blasevich.

Madison Ervin, a senior on the girls bowling team, says, “This season I think we did pretty good.”

The girls finished fourth in the IHSA Antioch regional to advance to the IHSA sectionals.

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