You should talk to that kid sitting alone

Alexan Larson, Staff Reporter

I want you to look next to you. 

I know it’s a little weird, but do it. 

Now, I want you to look around you. Do you actually know any of these people? 

You might have a thought or two of, yeah I know him, that’s Norman from my gym class two years ago. But do you know what they like to do?

Maybe the kid in the art room with blue hair is more than a painter. He may have a knack for baking or a sweet spot for video gaming. 

Maybe there’s more than that too. He may be dealing with the death of a friend or a family member, and you might have no clue. Maybe that human across the room is questioning their identity, and there’s the chance that the person next to them just found theirs. 

You might even talk to people on a daily basis and still never know them, so go out and talk to that human across the room, or that girl in yoga. 

Take their story and learn from it because sometimes you will learn a thing or two. You will possibly find the answers to your problems while listening to someone else’s. 

There’s even a chance that you might have just met your album cover artist, or your bassist for your band.

Actually talk to people–no matter what gender, sex, ethnicity, background, or history. There’s always a shot you might meet your best friend, or maybe even a significant other. 

What are you going to lose? If you’re thinking, “I’m going to ruin my reputation, and I won’t have any friends!” Branch out. A high school reputation is much less important than finding your true self and finding some really good friends. 

So, put down your phone, talk to that kid sitting next to you, and really listen.