Madjarov Jumps To The End


Lizzie Madjarov and Catherine Guckenberger warming up for their events.

Kaylie Wilkinson, Staff Reporter

With a strong season coming to an end, the girls track team is pushing through and hoping to end up on top. 

Senior Madjarov explained that “Last year I joined the team never doing track and I was competing in the #2 varsity high jumper spot, after Lexi Andersen, who jumps at the collegiate level. I never expected to come in and do so well right off the bat, but it was thrilling to know that I had so much potential if I was that good to start.” This has been one of Madjarov’s biggest successes while running track, and with a lot of hard work and determination, Madjarov has been very successful with jumping this year, and is one of the best jumpers on the team. 

Through wins and losses, Madjarov has put in the work, and has been determined to always do her best, and while still managing to take challenging classes off the track. Madjarov explained that “My biggest obstacle has always been balancing all of my passions. I love school, sports, and my clubs. I’ve always been told that it isn’t about how much you want to win, [but rather] how much you prepare, and I’ve found it’s difficult to put as much time as I want into my activities.” 

Madjarov has been very active in her community and has participated in many clubs and sports. “I understand the importance of staying active and I’m planning on doing so by running and possibly joining intramural [or] club teams during my college career.”