Falling in Love With Music

GCHS Students put together a playlist for this fall season.


Leila Sheffey, Staff Reporter

As the weather changes, our music rotation transforms with it. With the fall season comes a new atmosphere, new clothes, and even new music. After seeing the foliage changing and feeling the weather getting colder, all we need is our headphones in to complete the autumnal vibe. Grayslake Central  English teacher Sarah Lester said she “loves driving through the fall colors and listening to music.”

A very big part of autumn is the change in atmosphere which many have told me they love. Others have listed that they love the “cold n colors” said senior, Adela Huerta, “all the colors of the leaves” said another student, “the weather” said senior, Lani Nicholas, and lastly “ the activities” said senior, Annalise Eisenberg. Many of the activities listed as their favorites were perfect for the Fall weather and vibes.

Many students agree that carving pumpkins, going to pumpkin patches, apple picking, and having Halloween parties are a must, which begs the question, what kind of music would you listen to during those activities? At Grayslake Central, we have a diverse community with different styles and music tastes. Throughout the year, students said they listen to “anywhere from 50s to contemporary indie”, “a little of everything but mainly indie,” said junior, Caitlyn Sobie, and “ Indie garage rock, Neo-psychedelic, indie pop modern pop, psychedelic pop, the list could go on and on” said Nicholas. Music is a big part of people’s lives. Lester said, “I feel like I’m listening to music from the minute I wake up, as I am getting ready, in the car, and she even listens to music during her prep period as she’s planning.”

Though people may listen to the same songs throughout the year, for some of us, we dedicate a whole new playlist to the new Fall season.  Sobie said hers is called “The Fall Kick” which includes artists like Taylor Swift, Caamp, and Phoebe Bridgers. Eisenberg said her playlists give her “Halloween vibes for sure” and sophomore, Eliza Vizcayno also says “It makes me feel free and let out all my emotions and can just listen to them when driving.”

Many people at GCHS listen to Taylor Swift and agree that soft, chill and even sad or slower music fits the fall vibe more. History teacher, Georgia Brown, validates that by saying “I don’t have a specific fall song. But I would say for me, Taylor Swift fits everything. I’m a big Taylor Swift fan and I’ve seen her in concert. I would love to see her again.” Just in time for this season, Taylor Swift released her new album, Midnights on Oct. 21. According to our fall playlist qualifications, it fits perfectly.

People use many different platforms to listen to these songs, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc, and looking at Today’s Top Hits on Spotify and Apple Music, Swift’s “Anti-hero” takes #1.

Being over a month into fall only means more time for fall festivities and for more music to be released.

Check out the official Grayslake Central Fall 2022 Playlist!