GCHS Thanksgiving plans and traditions

A look into GCHS student’s Thanksgiving plans

Bernice Rice, Staff Reporter

It’s the best time of the year! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and every family celebrated with their own traditions and plans.

One student who looked forward to the Thanksgiving season was senior Andrea Torres, who “plans to eat lots of food with [her] family.”

One of Torres favorite Thanksgiving traditions is “seeing her family and enjoying the company of the people [she] loves.”

Thanksgiving is not only a time to be thankful but also to celebrate life and the joys of family. Due to COVID-19, it has been hard to maintain family traditions these past two years. Now that we are able to see family again and have these gatherings, the traditions can start back up. Senior Ethan Cohn talked about how “excited [he] is to see [his] family on Thanksgiving.”

The holidays are also a time to eat a lot of good food. Senior Mason Schmeichel said his favorite dish “is mashed potatoes, and [he] can’t wait to have some apple pie.” Cohn also talked about how “mashed potatoes are [his] favorite on Thanksgiving.” It seems apple pie is particularly popular because senior Andrea Torres also said she “prefers apple pie over pumpkin pie.” Since the past two Thanksgivings have been in quarantine, this Thanksgiving promised to be spent with family and appreciating what we all have.