Bowling players reminisce about seasons

Hear about some bowling memories from the GCHS bowlers!

Benjamin Terronez, Staff Reporter

The bowling program at GCHS has been going on for years, and upperclassmen have enjoyed many seasons on the team. The bowling teams are a wonderful program and many of the players think so. 

“I loved the seasons I’ve had in the past. Everyone on the team was always fun to be with; it was a great group to spend every day after school with,” said senior Francisco Barrosso. 

Along with spending tons of time with the team, junior Caleb Jasper commented, “I love the energy the whole team has. [Especially] at tournaments when the JV finishes before varsity or vice versa. I enjoy how much energy and hype the team has for one another, we hype each other up, even for missed shots.” 

The boys and girl’s teams are similar, but the teams are also tightly knit as a group. 

“It is such a different experience bowling by yourself compared to with a team being alone is so difficult to stay out of my own head–that’s why I love the team so much. Everyone is there for one another, and I really enjoy that,” commented senior Grace Serres.

The seasons of the past have come and gone, but the memories the players hold will remain for a long time, and surely the program’s leaders will remember the players that have come through and enjoyed themselves.