Leave room in the garden for fairies to dance

Fairy Gardens can spark joy during time at home!


Jordan Fliegelman

Here is an example Fairy Garden!

Jordan Fliegelman, Staff Reporter

     Being inside for weeks on end makes one wonder how to pass the time. With the beautiful weather approaching, gardening can be the new hobby for some people. As a beginner to gardening, maybe some smaller form of gardening would be more appropriate to start creating.  Additionally, with Mother’s Day coming fast, a fairy garden would be a good idea for a gift and to brighten up your home with a little whimsical magic! 

Echeveria Domingo Plant

     Being connected to nature before making a garden isn’t necessary, but it may be helpful to understand which plants can go with each and how often that is needed to water the plants and take care of them. The wrong combo of plants can end with one plant dying quickly, or they just don’t grow at all. For example, the Bromeliad flowering plant needs bright light to grow, so trying to grow it with the Natal Lily, which needs mostly shade, will be a challenge. Choose one or the other to begin.

Bromeliad Flowering Plant

     The type of flower is important too. If there is an exotic plant, like a cactus, it needs a lot of water, but also, it needs heat. For example, use the Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, most known as just hibiscus, to survive even without extreme heat. The Hibiscus needs sunlight and generous watering–meaning not a lot, but not a little–and a nice eight inch flower will bloom.

     The decorations involved don’t have to tell a story. If one is made to represent spring, adding more flowers for more fairies is not needed. If summer is the theme, get more of a droopy type of flower to cause shade. To get the ground to be what you need, don’t be afraid to pack the dirt. Adding smaller decorations can bring more personality to the garden. Getting animal statues can bring a more nature vibe to it. Even if it is a statue that was made with the animal on it, it makes the garden so much cuter. Using moss to cover some of the ground is clever to make the garden seem like it’s more nature themed as well.

Statues can be found at Michael’s. The plants and container of pebbles can be found at Home Depot.

     Fairy gardens aren’t just limited to the size of the pot. A fairy garden can be made in a teacup if that’s what is interesting to you! Or, there can be a layered fairy garden, meaning a giant fairy garden that takes three pots to make the whole thing!

Either way, creating a fairy garden is totally up to the creativity and magic you want it to hold. Time to get gardening!