Prom’s “Starry Night” proves successful

Students have a blast at end of the year dance

At The Westin North Shore in Wheeling on May 3, 2019, this year’s starry night prom hosted 431 students and 34 staff members. Andrew Dziura and Lauren Lendvay were crowned prom king and queen at the event.

Prom takes a lot of organizing ahead of time. When asked how early prom planning started, teacher and student council sponsor Lora Ciferri, who is also in charge of directing prom set up, explained that planning began in “October of last school year,” then further ex- plained that the process starts so early in order to secure a venue, its services and bussing for the appropriate date.

Cifferi believes this year’s prom was a great success for students and staff alike, with the exception of a couple issues that were resolved quickly.

“It pretty much went according to plan. We had one bus that didn’t come as planned, and I think that we were able to quickly get students to prom by distributing them to other buses that were still at the school, and Mr. Mazzetta and Mr. Przybylski stepped up and drove activity buses.”

Students had mixed opinions over the dance. Grayslake Central junior Rianna Mag- pantay comments that prom “had an ok dancefloor space, and it was very elegant, able to fiteveryone in there. . . People did enjoy the food, [but] the music was kind of weird.”

Cifferi comments on the prom atmosphere stating, “I think the food was split 50/50, some people really liked it, and some people really did not like it. . . [students’] really liked thesize of the danc