Attention all Fortnite gamers

Sign off on Fortnite and sign back in to reality

Lexi Delgado and Xayvion Alvarez, Staff Report

Instead of hopping off that Fortnite battle bus, how about you hop into reality. Fortnite has no positive impact for kids and teens. People who have siblings that play Fortnite like myself, know exactly what I’m talking about.  For some reason, playing Fortnite can become very addictive and make people lose track of reality. What I mean by this is people, like my little brothers, lose focus on beneficial things, like keeping up with their hygiene and class work or even chores. They take for granted special moments, like being around family and friends, for another victory royale.

I, for one, have two little brothers who are overly addicted to Fortnite.  Since the day they bought their own Ps4’s, they haven’t seen much daylight. And I’m sure that can relate to a lot of other Fortniters. Fortnite consumes people’s days to the point where they lose track of reality and don’t have motivation to do anything else but play Fortnite.  And for some, I feel that being addicted to Fortnite brings out a side of aggression, even in their dialogue with others, which becomes quite disrespectful.

I’ve seen it happen to many people, even my family members. Fortniters’ language has become quite colorful and sounds horrible when coming from kids. Now that Fortnite has taken control of people’s lives, what bothers me most is that everything, like how much playing time one gets, is an argument.  And that isn’t fair to the parents and siblings having to deal with it. I feel that family members deserve more respect from the arguments and conversations I’ve heard before.

Fortnite brainwashes people. Players can become extremely competitive, aggressive, and demanding.  Because they’re so used to that behavior through their headset (to communicate with their team members), they bring it out to the dinner table or at school and end up getting in trouble with teachers, which brings the problem back home to the parents and family members because they don’t know how to snap back to reality.  It creates a vicious cycle! Playing Fortnite 24/7 makes the mind believe that everything revolves around Fortnite. It’s mind-blowing to me how quick people can become addictive to a horrible and colorful version of what used to be popular, COD: Black Ops.

I’ve tried playing the game a few times back when my brothers first got their Ps4’s, and it was decent, until I died as player 89.  But to be addicted, I don’t understand at all. There are so many better games out there that I, not even a gamer anymore, know of! I grew out of my video games once the Ps3 came out with Bluray DVD attached to it.  So if I can move on in life, so can the rest of you.

For every one of you who are addicted, I encourage you to all wake up soon and come back to the reality bus. Life is so much more than just getting a victory royale or a dub on 2K, Fifa, or Madden.  The first step to getting over an addiction is admitting you have one in the first place. And if you really feel that you don’t, hand over the article to your parents. Ask them for their opinion because now that you know mine, get to know theirs.