Which of the fall seasons do GCHS students prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving?

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     Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of the most widely celebrated holidays all throughout America, but do GCHS students prefer one over the other? 

     In a poll asking 20 GCHS students if they prefer Halloween or Thanksgiving, 60% of students said Thanksgiving. 

Halloween decorations in the cafeteria painted by National Art Honor Society


“I like getting together with my family far and near, with really good food,” senior, Clio Straus said. Some of these great foods include mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and the famed turkey. 


     “I like eating a lot of food,” senior, Nate Twardock stated. Many students feel the same way about the classic food served on the November holiday.

     On the other hand, 40% of students prefer Halloween over Thanksgiving.

     “I get to spend more time with my friends,” freshman, Zach Hindman said. Students see Halloween as a  more friendship and fun oriented holiday, while Thanksgiving is more about spending time with family. Trick-or-treating and Halloween parties allow students to celebrate the holiday together and have fun.  

     “I really enjoy all of the activities that come along with it, such as haunted houses, hay rides, etc,” freshman, Taylor Guenther said.

     Both holidays come with a large amount of preparation. Halloween with finding a costume and decorating the house in spooky cobwebs and skeletons, and Thanksgiving with preparing recipes and food. 

     “My family and I carve pumpkins to put on the front porch every year. Then, of course, choosing a costume and making plans for the big day! As I have gotten older, this has all slowed down a bit,” Guenther said. 

Thanksgiving decorations on the Department Chair’s office in GCHS. Photo by Hayley Breines.

    GCHS shows its enthusiasm for both of these holidays through Halloween parties, decorations, and the annual food drive, which gives food to less fortunate families during the Thanksgiving season. Both seasons spark excitement in the high school community.


     With the Thanksgiving season coming up, excitement and gratitude is in the air. 

     “I feel super happy and grateful to have to be with people who I love all in one room celebrating such a great holiday,” Straus said.

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