Academic Team prepares for regionals

Maeve Rubin, Staff Reporter

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The Academic Team competes in many competitions such as the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) and the Scholastic Bowl. These are very different competitions but they help the team show their skills in different ways and prepare for regionals.

WYSE is a written test that the members take in various subjects such as English, math and different types of science, whereas Scholastic Bowl and other competitions require participants to buzz in their answers like Jeopardy.

“The members can advance individually and in regionals,” said Academic Team sponsor Debbie Hofer. “Even if the team does not have a great score, the person can still advance in their subject area.”

“For the Scholastic Bowl, we do a standard run-through for practice,” said junior Matt Osterndorf, who participates in both WYSE and the Scholastic Bowl. “We get out old question packets and play games with those.”

To prepare for WYSE, the Academic Team does practice tests that are similar to the ones they take at the actual competition.

In this years WYSE competition, Osterndorf placed first in both biology and English.

“I was not expecting to do as well as I did in biology because I did not prepare that much,” said Osterndorf. “For English, I spent about an hour looking at a list of different grammar terms because that was the test’s main focus.”

The team aims to do its best at regionals, but it also hopes to succeed at other competitions throughout the season.

“I would really like to get to the point where we can beat Stevenson and other high-power teams,” said Osterndorf.

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Academic Team prepares for regionals