SremmLife 2 Album Improves Upon Rap Genere

Austin Connelly, News Editor

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    “SremmLife 2” released on Aug. 12 by hip-hop band Rae Sremmurd, a newer rap-duo whose first full album debuted in Jan. 2015. The long-awaited sequel quickly soared to number seven on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts and received above-average reviews from critics. Being a fan of the duo, I was sure to start listening to the album as soon as it debuted.

    One of the higher points to the album that has been praised by fans and critics alike is the great variety in each song. Every song feels distinctly different so there really is a song for everyone.

    Even after listening to this album for nearly a month straight, I still really enjoy it. Some of the song have really stood out to me; “Black Beatles,” “Swang” and “Came A Long Way” are notable highlights. I have caught myself listening to them pretty much nonstop since the album came out. Each of these, and most of the other songs in the album, have really good beats which the duo is known for. They all also effectively combine good lyrics with a really smooth beat which is interesting and also quite relaxing.

    On the other hand, there are some other songs that have a faster beat and would probably be considered more party songs like “Set The Roof” and “Shake It Fast.” Both are decent songs, but I prefer the calmer songs like the one I mentioned previously. These songs, while good, don’t really fit the overall vibe of the rest of the album and probably should have been released as a single or a separate album.

    Overall, the album is pretty good and definitely builds upon the foundation set by Rae Sremmurd’s first album. A lot of the songs are really good and have an overall calm vibe that is really easy to relax to.

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SremmLife 2 Album Improves Upon Rap Genere