New Parking Lot Improves Safety for Student Drivers

Austin Connelly, News Editor

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Over the summer, the school completely renovated the school’s parking lot. As the project was very large and time consuming, it lasted the duration of the summer from schools close in May and final striping and numbering ending the day before school resumed in August

    “The parking lot really needed to be replaced; there were a lot of improvements that needed to be made and we have been planning to replace it for a few years,” Principal Dan Landry said.

    As the parking lot had not been replaced in many years, it was long overdue; there were a lot of potholes and drainage problems that needed to be taken care of so we increased the drainage capacity to prevent flooding, according to Landry.

    “Besides just redoing the parking lot, we also added a lot of other improvements to make the parking lot safer and more accessible for students,” Landry said. Handicap parking is now more accessible for students who have disabilities, so it is easier for them to get into the school.”

    The school also added various other features to improve safety for students, the most notable being assigned parking spots for students.

    “Assigning individual parking spots to students allows the school to be able to identify students’ cars more easily; for instance, if someone’s’ car is [damaged or vandalized], or someone leaves their lights on in the lot we can more easily track down the students and solve the problem,” Dean Kosta Kouges said. “They also allow students to be able to find there parking spot immediately, decreasing the chance of accidents in the parking lot as students search for a spot.”

    These various improvements to safety and efficiency have been well received and appreciated by students.

    “I really like the addition of numbers to the parking lot,” junior Charlie Wagner said.

“It’s really nice because everyday I know I have a spot, last year when people left for school for things like SLO they would come back and there spot would be taken; it is really nice to not to have to deal with that this year.”

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New Parking Lot Improves Safety for Student Drivers