Spring Sports Update: May 2015

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Girls Softball

The girls softball team is proud of its season so far as the school year comes to a close. Their current record is 13-15.

“At this point last season, we had more wins, but that does not mean that this year has not been a success,” said head coach Jason Schaal.  “We are continually learning and improving and hopefully that will lead to more success in the postseason.”

One of their goals for the season is to compete in conference.

“This year, we would like to compete for a division championship in conference while also repeating as regional champions,” said Schaal.

All the girls on the team work hard, but there are a few standout players.

“[Senior] Brandy Heraty and [junior] Teagan Truskowski have been leading the team offensively all year,” said Schaal.  “They are two players who always seem to get the hit for the team when needed.  [s\Senior] Katie Strickland is the captain, and has also been solid both offensively and defensively.”

“We are having a great season so far,” said sophomore Kaci Snyder, who plays JV shortstop and center field. “We win some and we lose some, but I love my team.

“Softball is a game of fundamentals,” said Schaal.  “We will continue to work on those every day to keep improving as a team. All the girls give their best efforts on a daily basis, and for that the coaching staff is very proud.”

The team’s postseason begins Monday, May 25 with the regional quarterfinals. The opposing team is yet to be to be determined.


Baseball is coming to an end as the school year wraps up, and the boys are preparing for their first regional playoff game on May 25.

Varsity head coach Troy Whalen is looking forward to the last month of the season. After having been out for most of the season, senior Justin Guryn, one of the team’s pitchers, has returned to help the team finish the season.

Guryn is not the only player who has been out. The team has had its share of physical setbacks.

“Physically, we need to get stronger and quicker,” said Whalen. “The kids really need to spend more time working on the core muscles needed for a baseball player.”

“Once Guryn gets back, we will have another solid arm, which is very important to do well in playoffs,” said senior pitcher David Llorens. “As long as we hit well, we should do fine.”

The players have dealt with many injuries this season, but they are working to come back better and stronger to reach their overall goal, which is going to State. Last year the team came fourth in State. The team hopes to perform even better at State this year, according to Llorens.

“We have to work on hitting better and throwing more strikes,” said Llorens. “If we can do that, we can do anything.”

“Our team chemistry has gotten a lot better,” said Llorens. “We weren’t doing as well at the beginning of the season because we didn’t have good chemistry and weren’t working together well.”

The team is hoping for the best as the school year comes to a close and regionals are fast-approaching.

“Going at game speed is the only way to prepare for an opponent and game conditions,” said Whalen.


The boys lacrosse team has a record of 7-5 with IHSLA playoffs starting Wed. May 20.

“This season is different because [the players] are a lot younger,” said sophomore Cooper Brunk. “[We have]  more sophomores and freshmen playing, compared to years past where we relied on seniors to get the job done.”

Even though there are less juniors and seniors this year, the season has been very successful.

“This year we need to focus on using [our opponents’] weaknesses to our advantage,” said sophomore Jake Ruby. “We have to focus on just getting the ball in the net.”

“The main difference is the number of seniors that are playing this year,” said varisty head coach Chris Ridella. “Our younger players have worked really hard and have learned a lot.”

Girls Track

The girls track team placed  fourth overall in the county on March 30. They also took first in the Fox Division for the first time ever since they have been in the Fox Valley Conference.

“That’s the highest finish in school history for our girls at County,” said girls track coach Shawn Murphy.

The team also was successful at their Ram Invite this year on April 16.

“We won the Ram Invite that we hosted for the first time in school history,” said Murphy. “We’ve had a really good season.”

Not only has the team as a whole been competing well, but individual members have broken personal records in their events.

“My biggest accomplishment so far was when I broke my six-minute mile at County and got 5:45,” said sophomore Elizabeth Aho. “That was really exciting.”

Overall, the girls have been pushing themselves to improve and have been very dedicated, according to Murphy.

“[Junior] Alexis Schmidt has scored a lot of team points for us at every invite, but other than that, our young distance girls overall have probably improved the most,” said Murphy. “I am really proud of how hard [they] have been working.”

The girls have gotten closer as a team and have been very supportive of each others’ successes, according to Aho.

“We are all just really close and we all have a lot of fun,” said junior Katie Schroeder.

“The team is really supportive and we are always really excited when someone else does [well] in their event,” said Aho. “It’s really nice to be a part of a team that comes together and overall and is supportive.”

The team is hopeful that it will close out the season strong.

“We have County, Conference, Sectionals, then State,” said Schroeder. “County went well, so hopefully the rest will as well.”

“Good luck to all the girls that are going to be competing at IHSA State,” said Murphy.

Boys Tennis

The tennis team has a record of 9-2, placing first at the Lake Park Tournament on April 11.

“Even though we have a lot of new varsity members, everyone stepped up during the [Lake Park] tournament,” said senior and team co-captain John Knight.

“Both boys are excellent tennis players with great leadership skills,” said varsity tennis coach Chuck Lawson. “They are always helping their teammates improve their tennis skills.”

The team’s goal is to win its division and place top three at Conference, according to Knight.

“My personal goals are to serve up the competition and do well in Sectionals and Conference and to play in the starting lineup,” said senior Ricky Tobey.

“Every match, I need to be mentally strong and keep a cool head,” said Knight. “This is something I have gotten closer to achieving. My goal is to go to State.”

The team has already achieved its goals of placing first at the Lake Park Invite and having a winning record.

“Next year we hope to do well in the Fox Valley Conference and have a winning record,” said Lawson.

Boys Track

Runners on the Boys Track team are preparing for IHSA State on May 31 in Division 3A. They have been working hard to be successful all season, and that will show as they enter regionals, than sectionals. If they place in the top three in the sectionals, they qualify for the state meet.

“We are working on all aspects possible,” said head boys track coach Brent Pitt. “One of the team’s strong points is that everyone trains hard and competes with an attitude.”

Their hard work has been represented in how well they do at competitions.

“Every single time we go to compete they always improve,” said Pitt. “They work really hard at everything they do and are always finding ways to work towards getting better.”

The team hopes moving up to another division will help them improve even more and motivate them to work harder.

“Moving up to 3A gives us tougher competition all around, because there are more competitors, which means there is a greater chance for better kids,” said senior Cam Schwartz.

According to Pitt, the team is already prepared to compete at State. All they need to do is continue doing what they have been practicing all season.

“The turnouts for any competition are really all about the kids,” said Pitt. “If they work hard and believe in themselves and their training, they will continue to do well.”

Their goal is to continue to grow as a team and keep getting better as the season goes on.

“The boys track program has done very well in the past few years and we are planning on living up to that expectation,” said Pitt.

Girls Soccer

The girls varsity soccer team has continued to work through the season with a record of 11-7.

May 7 was senior night, and the girls dominated possession for the majority of the game and came out with a 7-0 win against Hampshire.

“The season’s been going well,” said head varsity coach Bethany Russ. “We’ve had a really tough schedule to start, so [the Hampshire game] was good to help prepare us for conference.”

So far in the season, GCHS has beaten Grayslake North,  (who was undefeated until their 3-1 loss against the Rams), Hampshire, Woodstock North, and has lost to Crystal Lake Central 1-2 and  Prairie Ridge, 1-0.

“It’s been a struggle in the past where we lose games that we shouldn’t by close goals or we come close to winning games that no one expects us to,” said Russ. “We play really well sometimes and other days we really struggle to be on the same page.”

Despite these struggles, the team continues to work hard in games and in practice to perform well come game time.

“I think the biggest difference this season is just the sheer amount of senior leadership we have this year on our team,” said Russ. “With the nine seniors on varsity, everyone knows their role and has had a lot of experience in the past.”

“I think that they’ve kind of just built on their understanding of what there roles are and taken on responsibility to make sure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do in their each individual role,” said Russ. “They’ve been learning to work together better as an entire group, because no one or two players are going to win a game for you.’’

As the final days of school tick away, the varsity team’s soccer season is coming to a close. Varsity will play against Wauconda in their  first playoff game on Wednesday, May 20.

“While our regional is extremely competitive, each game is a winnable game if we come with everyone ready to play,” said Russ. “Our team has come a long way since the beginning of the season, and I have confidence in them to win both regional games if they bring their best games as individuals and as a team.”

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Spring Sports Update: May 2015