Orchesis pulls off another spectacular performance

Vanessa Pahlow, Staff Reporter

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The Orchesis Dance Company’s performance was a huge success this past April. Ticket sales increased by 25 percent from last year and only good things have been said about the show as a whole.

“I had a staff member tell me that she felt like she was in New York watching professional dance, which was the coolest [comment],” said Amy Jesionowski, director of the dance company. “I had another staff member tell me that our performances are pieces of art.”

“Everyone that I talked to who saw the show seemed to really enjoy all the performances,” said sophomore dancer Danielle Kaply. “A lot of people said they would be coming back to see next year’s show.”

This year, some pieces really opened the audience’s eyes as to what is even possible in the world of dance.

“Most people don’t realize the amount of work dancing requires, but when they saw the show their eyes were opened to the beauty and complexity of it all,” said sophomore dancer and Orchesis Student Leadership Board member Christine Barreca.

“[In regards to Jenny Barreca’s piece, ‘Influence’], I don’t think people know that you can change costume in 10 seconds,” said Jesionowski.

As a company, Orchesis has grown considerably since Jesionowski became the director two years ago.

“[This year] I just knew more as a director and I think the dancers knew more of what would be expected of them,” said Jesionowski. “People that joined knew exactly what it is and what it’s turned into.”

Another very unique aspect of Orchesis is that the show is primarily a student-run event.

“The dancers run the show [backstage],” said Jesionowski. “[They] get ready, [they] get onstage when [they’re] supposed to, and I sit back and just watch.”

The show was filled with emotion and thought-provoking pieces that were amazing to watch. Some of the ones that stood out the most include the senior guy-girl dance and the piece Diffusion, which was choreographed by Jesionowski herself.

“The water piece is a combination of three tough years of my life and I’m finally getting to the light, like I can see it,” said Jesionowski. “It’s tough to put your own story on a stage full of people you work with and students who see you as their teacher.”

Although this year’s Orchesis season has just come to a close, dancers, choreographers and directors are all looking forward to next year.

“I will be in Orchesis next year for sure,” said Christine Barreca. “I plan to be in several pieces, and can’t wait to see what next year brings.”

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Orchesis pulls off another spectacular performance