Unique story shown inside “Age of Adaline”

Vanessa Pahlow, Staff Reporter

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“Age of Adaline” is not just a love story with a slightly scientific twist, it is a well written, emotion-provoking, heart-warming love story.

The main character’s name is Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively), however since she is essentially timeless because of a freak car accident, she must go by many different aliases. During the time frame of the movie, she goes by Jenny or Jennifer.

Caught in modern times, Adaline retains a slightly out-of-place persona that, while odd, is actually quite charming. Polite, witty, grammatically correct, poised and modest, she has certain qualities that generations nowadays generally lack. If her personality isn’t enough, she is also drop-dead gorgeous.

This beauty is what catches the eye of a very handsome man by the name of Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) at a New Year’s eve party — it is her personality, however, that makes him fall in love with her 108 year old self.

In the beginning of the movie, there is a particularly long section where a man narrates the backstory of Adaline and how she came to be a woman who defied time and aging itself. It was audio over a sort of flashback and the backstory is complex, yet easy to understand. While this segment kind of postpones the actual movie, it provides essential information to understand the film.

One thing I want to applaud the movie for is that it is written phenomenally. Apart from the beginning, it showed things to the audience first, before explaining these things through a narrator or character dialogue. It was nice because it felt as if the producers thought we were capable of understanding things without constant verbal explanation. They didn’t treat the audience as if they were four years old. It was also more natural, as it allowed individuals to make their own inferences as to what will happen in the plot.

A scene I really enjoyed was towards the end of the film, after Adaline is revived and is about to leave on an outing with Ellis, who was recently informed of how she spent over 80 years not aging a day. She goes to put on an earring in the mirror and after she does so,  she turns to leave but does a double take. Returning to the mirror, she looks closely and notices that a grey hair is now present among her other blonde hairs. She plucks it out and stares at it intently before giving a small smile, realizing that now, she will be able to age and grow old with Ellis. This scene is just one instance of how the director shows the audience the story rather than telling it directly.

Blake Lively played the character of Adaline wonderfully, and I honestly cannot think of another actress who would have done a better job. She really embraced the role of the timeless woman and her appearance truly looked as if she was plucked out of the 20th century.

Overall, I thought the movie was phenomenal and was executed well. I would definitely suggest this film to anybody.

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Unique story shown inside “Age of Adaline”