Alumni: changes at GCHS are for the better

Taylor O'Neill, Sports Editor

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GCHS has evolved in the sense of the relationship the school has with the students. Now, students are able to use  technology to their benefit, have great relationships with their teachers and even express themselves freely through art. Also the amount of work the students do has changed as well.

The Mural Club and their murals are one of the biggest changes to the school.

“We have never seen the halls this way, it shows the respect for the students [by allowing them] to paint the walls of the school and show off their gifts,” said substitute teacher and 2009 alumnus Grant Chapman. “It shows the trust and respect between the teachers and students and that made me respect the culture of the school.”

Along with being able to express themselves freely through artwork, students also take more advanced placement classes than when Chapman went to high school. According to the Washington Post, GCHS is the 15th most challenging school in Illinois.

“[Students] are so into college already,” said Chapman. “[They] wear college t-shirts and look like frat guys.”

Seniors will be faced with the same realizations when they see how much has changed since they have graduated.

“I miss being a part of a team and being friends with [my] teachers,” said 2014 GCHS alumnus and St. Louis University student Lexi Beckman.

“I miss the accessibility of all my friends and people that I’d gotten used to seeing every day for like four or more years,” said 2014 GCHS  alumnus and Lindenwood University student Alex Dahlstrom. “I really took for granted who I was going to miss.”

Even though alumni miss certain things from the school, they also realize the good in change.

“The best thing about college that I didn’t expect is making your own schedule and not going to school for eight hours at a time,” said Beckman. “I like how in college, you have blocks of time in your day, and how you spend that time is totally up to you.”

There are things that seniors should look forward to in college, but some things may not be as obvious as it seems.

“You’ll meet some awesome people,” said Dahlstrom. “You’re actually treated like an adult. That’s not just, ‘Oh I hit 18, now I can do what I want’ romantic thing, but that you just learn so much in a short span of time. You don’t have your parents to take care of you, so for the first time, you’re figuring out yourself  without your parents sheltering you. College is what you make of it. If you sit there and mope, it’ll be an awful experience. But if you find people you like, and find your niche, it’s a blast.”

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Alumni: changes at GCHS are for the better